WorldWide IDEA Private Academy

(Formerly WorldWide IDEA Private Academy)
We are an educational nonprofit born to successfully address the difficult educational demands placed on families. Our unique model provides options to home-educating families and individuals, supporting choice in curriculum, as well as diverse learning styles and environments.


  • “Thank you for being with us through those rough high school years. I just wanted you to know that the work you are doing does make a difference in people's lives!”

  • “WorldWide IDEA has truly paved the way for my children to succeed in home schooling life, and helped them to achieve their goals and dreams! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

  • “You guys at WorldWide IDEA have been a life saver for us and [our daughter], as we've bounced around the country and Europe in and out of the military trying to get [her] a high school education. We so appreciate how you have been flexible and how great a counselor Terri has been. ... [She] is so excited to finally see her diploma!”

  • “I couldn't ask for a more caring, sincere group of people to help me in tending to my children's education. As home- schoolers, we very often get the short end of the stick (literally!) and I truly feel like my kids and I have found a haven to spread our wings and FLY! We're MOST grateful to you ALL.”

  • “I have found WorldWide IDEA very accommodating and willing to work with the families. I feel like they truly care about my children's education.”

  • “Through your program, we are able to do far more for our children's education than we could do on our own.”

  • “I have found all of the staff supportive, friendly, and approachable...I like that the [Individual Learning Plan] is a 'living document'. As things change or develop, the ILP can be adjusted accordingly.”

  • “I love this program and what it has done for us... and what I have been able to do under it! We are very lucky.”

  • “I appreciate the higher level of computer-based communication and documentation that you have.”

  • “I am truly able to customize my child's education according to his learning style. He loves to learn.

We invite you to explore the many benefits our organization can offer. Every student can achieve success with appropriate services and support — and our experienced staff and toolkits can boost your confidence and make it easier to reach your goals!